Magnified view in image review?

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Re: Magnified view in image review?

the problem you are having is because the "image review" (NOT to be confused with image playback) leaves the camera in a "shot priority" mode. the camera showing you the image right after taking it is just so you can quickly look at the photo immedately after taking it. this is why by default it is set to 2 seconds. if you want to further examine the image, you should use the playback mode by hitting the playback button. this activates all of the playback buttons, like magnify + -, info, and left/right to browse images. in the "review" mode all of these buttons retain their shooting functions.

i think this is because from a design standpoint, if you are shooting and NOT using the image review, you might still have your eye up to the viewfinder. if there is some action you want to take multiple shots of, you will want full control of the camera while shooting, even if the image is being immedately shown on the LCD for review. only by pressing "playback" will the camera shift some of those controls to be specific to reviewing an image.

personally i turn the "review after shot" off. if i want to check a picture i can just hit play

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