Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

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Re: does he think everyone else is a Caveman?

I've just filed an application for a new patent based on an improvement to the Wolf System:

In this system, small cards are printed containing the photographer's name, email address, WEB site and telephone numbers.

During the event, the photographer gives these cards to participants or spectators, providing a much more convenient way of recording where to find the photographs on the WEB. Previously, people had to rely on their memory, which would often lead them to forget, or needed a pen and paper with them, which provides natural resistance to recording the details physically, rather than unreliably but conveniently by memory alone.

The cards are small enough to fit in recipients' wallets or pockets, but large enough to contain all the relevant information, including a logo where applicable.

I'm also about to get a patent on a process where instead of meeting by chance, photographers register for a WEB site which contains data on their name, WEB, email address, and pages for discussion of photography topics which are able to be conducted using the mouse and keyboard. Discussions are then saved and viewed by others. Topics can be sorted by date, user or via terms in a search function.

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