A few comments about the E510...

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A few comments about the E510...

Well, go ahead of laugh (or cringe), but as has been the case for the past 6 years, I enjoy keeping up with the latest and greatest digital camera gear (Olywise the most). I don't have any vices - don't drink (one beer will last me all night, and if on an empty stomach, I start saying things like "ohhh, feel how pants my wet is"), don't cavort around on the Misses, etc.

Having said that I picked up the E410 a month ago, and subsequently the E510 several days ago. I try and always report my particular findings - not that they have any true weight - but I know that folks sitting on the fence about a particular camera - enjoy absorbing comments from folks they've come to know on these forums.

So here goes...

1. The E510 is a sheer winner! No two if's or but's about it...this baby sings. It is perhaps a landmark camera for Olympus because of the many different features that it employs all in one package.

2. In my limited shooting with this camera, I immediately discovered that the metering was much better than my particular copy of the E410 (my copy tends to underexpose when I take photos indoors in available light). The meter on the E510 seems spot on for the majority of contrasting situations I managed to capture.

3. The IS is a killer - it spoils you from the perspective that it's an insurance policy to guard against camera shake in less than ideal conditions. I took a bunch of 1/20 second shots this AM and all were distinctly rich and sharp.

4. With both the E410 and E510, I have been able to dissect distinct differences between the new kit lenses, and the more expensive lenses such as the 14-54, 50-200, etc. Although the kit lenses are wonderful - IMO, the addition of a better lens scenario lifts a veil (for lack of a better description) over the clarity of the scene. Images taken with the 14-54 (on both cameras) have more detail and that "veil" that I referred to, no matter how subtle, is lifted...allowing the viewer to really be drawn into a scene. Again, these are my opinions only and I know that others may disagree (but I'm stickin' with 'em). It's funny that to my eyes, the E410 and E510 - with their increased definition - have allowed me to see these distinct differences in lens quality.

5. Ergonomics and comfort. Great to see the AF point selector button being placed back on the right hand side of the camera so you can easily adjust the AF point - rather than going into the menu system to do it.

6. The E510 has more settings and options than the E410. I won't get into that here, but suffice it to say, there are more options and they are all welcomed.

7. Weight - just picking up the E510 camera body, one notices that it is a heavier camera (not substantially, but it is noticeable). Putting the likes of the 14-54 on the E510 body resulted in a perfectly balanced mix, whereas the 14-54 on the E410...felt sort of out of place due to the small size of the E410 body and it's light weight.

8. Images (from the few I took so far) are perfectly balanced (I shoot in RAW only, and ACR 4.1 - although providing unofficial support for the E510 - nevertheless does a superb job - both in 8 and 16 bit conversions). The images are exceptionally rich and detailed (again, shooting with the 14-54).

9. Liveview - old news now. For me, the liveview was most effective on the E330 due to the articulating LCD. With the E410 and E510, I doubt I will use it much - but will certainly be glad to see it on the E-3 which is supposed to again have an articulating LCD.

10. Which RAW converter. ACR 4.1 does a superb job with E510 orf files. I've not tried Silkypix yet to see if it has unofficial RAW support, but I'll try that tonight when I get home from work.

11. Batteries - same BLM-1 as in your other Oly DSLR's, so you won't have to go out and purchase another proprietary Oly design. This is great.

So with the E510, I am extremely excited - if you want to use that terminology. I suspect this baby will fly off the shelves at various outlets and I can "strongly" recommend that those of you sitting on the fence pondering the purchase of this baby...do so! You won't be disappointed.

Okay, I'm done.... Have a great remainder of your weekend, and happy fathers day!
Good shooting...


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