Event Photography Lawsuit to Watch

Started Jun 16, 2007 | Discussions thread
Martin Caie Veteran Member • Posts: 3,826
Re: Here is the patent

You can't patent a process that you didn't invent? I'm guessing this is what will lead to this patent being revoked.

Also you have to contribute more than a flow chart; you have to have contributed some kind of ingenuity, don't you? Copying someone else's idea surely isn't good enough and heads should roll at the patent office.

The patent will surely be invalidated if this goes to court. In fact, it will probably be invalidated before that.

I'm guessing Exposure Manager is not being victimised because of their foreign base.

JohnnyBlood wrote:

Peter Wolf is an absolute MORON.

Careful, you'll be next LOL. Although truth is a valid defence against libel claims.

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