Airshow advice about lenses

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Re: Airshow advice about lenses

I will add my 2 cents worth now. I would have to say that I shoot as much if not more aviation stuff than most on this forum. When you shoot enough shots you will soon realize that more focal length is almost always better. Obviously there are situations that warrant a different approach. But you don't always need the whole aircraft in the shot.

I would taken the 300/VR and the 70-200VR and whatever converters you have. In addition the 17-55 is a vastly superior lens to the 18-200, I have both, but I find that I shoot more statics with the 18-200. That is probably since it gives me the ability to get a little closer on details that I find interesting.

If you are shooting anything with a prop the VR will come in handy, and you can stay around 1/250 or even 1/320 and still get some prop blur. Unless you are willing to shoot at around 1/60, you still wont get a full rotation of the prop so any motion is fine.

Tripods and monopods are almost useless at any airshow. Tripods take up too much room and monopods make it too tough to follow anything vertical.

Here is a link to some of my aviation stuff and a few aviation shots from this year. All shot with D2X and 200-400VR

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