My new S5IS

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My new S5IS

Looks better than the S3IS! Feels much better. Does not creak at all and has a nice solid feel. Looks and feels like a well built camera. Canon did not cut corners here.

LCD screen is soooo muuccccch better than the S3IS. But not as good as the one on my Fuji F31fd.

Button layout is mostly the same except for one which has been moved to the left of the EVF.

Guess what... its Made in Japan! All the manuals are Printed in Japan!! Several printed booklets in the box. Did not open the packet yet though.

I simply took it out of the box. Box was not sealed. First inserted the 4 Alkaline AA batteries which were in the box. Then Inserted the default 32 MB SD card which was in the box. (Nice battery door... not flimsy. As good as the S3IS. Slides to the right side though.)

The camera was on its factory settings. The program wheel was on Auto. Image quality was factory set at 'Fine'. This camera also has a better a 'Superfine' setting and a 'Normal' setting I think. I haven't used these as yet. ISO was on Auto too.

Now here I noticed something interesting...

Fine results: CompressedBitsPerPixel - 3 (average)


Superfine results in: CompressedBitsPerPixel - 5 (average) Ye boy! I was really thrilled to notice this from kstoh's images earlier today.

Well then... I just walked around and clicked a few shots at these default settings. Guess what? I noticed that the camera did not exceed ISO 200!! Maybe I have to look at the other settings. But for now I have yet to press the Menu Button! Haven't even touched it yet! LOL!

I had fun with this camera. I obviously don't expect the world from it. I don't expect it to beat even a cheap DSLR. But it pretty much did what I expected it to do.

Smearing is present and appears to be well controlled. Not observed anything smudgy like the Sony H9 yet. So thats good. Lets continue keeping an eye out for this.

Purple fringing is present too, but again well controlled. I am not sure whether it is less or more than the S3IS. Too early to tell. Need to push the camera on this one too.

That said... I will be downsizing the pics and uploading them to my Flickr account for you all. Check this thread after a little while once again.

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