11 Unaltered Full Size SD850IS Images

Started Jun 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
jimrichards Regular Member • Posts: 121


Thank you for these photos. I think from your post, and from another who has posted full size images, what the camera is capable of. It looks pretty darn good to me.

One thing that gives me pause, though, is in the swingset picture. If you look at the picture fullscreen (not 100%, but full screen) the swingset and canopy look out of focus. Do you guys think this was a focusing error with the camera, or do you think the focal point is much futher behind on the trees? Something about the focus in that shot just doesn't look quite right to me. I've seen similiar things with the SD800 that I was using, and I'm wondering if it is a Digic III thing? Like maybe it is focusing too fast for its own good?

Anyway, just wondering what you all though. The pictures still look great though.

Thanks for your time and effort JEWatts!


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