Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X

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Re: Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X

I'm a wedding pro and after using Stroboframe brackets for years I switched to a Newton Di100FRS for one reason: Vertical shots. If you want to bounce a flash off the ceiling with the Stroboframe Press or Pro T models (As well as any similar design) you have to flip the flash arm AND twist the flash unit also to reorient the flash upwards. This can only take a few seconds but in a fast-paced, unforging situation like a wedding that's too long. Also, the "eyelight kicker card" that slides out of the SB-800 won't work in the vertical position, you're stuck without bounce light for your scene.

After a lot of research and an unwillingness to pay nearly half a grand on a RRS flash setup I decided upon the Newton. It's simple, it's well engineered, it's strong and it keeps the flash pointed up with the bounce card our regardless of the camera being oriented horizontally or vertically. Not to mention that Mr. Newton did custom work on my bracket and turned the order around in less than a week.
Highly recommended.

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