S6000 Graduation Photos-VERY difficult conditions

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S6000 Graduation Photos-VERY difficult conditions

Last week I went with my parents to see my little brother's high school graduation ceremony. He goes to a large high school in the Chicago suburbs so the ceremony was held at the football stadium and we had to sit in the stands over 50 yards away from the action. Obviously I brought my trusty S6000 to capture some images with the great zoom. I didn't know what I had in store for me beforehand though. Conditions were extremely difficult for this small sensor cam. It was getting dark, we were very far from the stage, and where we sat was facing DIRECTLY into the setting sun just to make things worse. I also screwed up and forgot that I had left the camera in 6M Normal mode instead of Fine so quality wasn't close to what it should have been.

Considering all these obstacles I'm very happy with the results. From what I hear, these pictures at full zoom in the dark should be IMPOSSIBLE without IS. All were taken hand held and almost all at ISO800. I was pretty much taking these for my parents so most aren't "arty", just taken so a mom can print and put into a frame. Comments and criticism welcome. I have included some extra wide angle pics to show how far we actually were to give an appreciation of how far zoomed these were taken. Thanks for looking.

Far away from the stage, looking straight into the sun.

Mom looking on

Another boring speech, zoomed in

About to get his diploma

Receiving his diploma

The tassel goes from left to right

Wide angle from a different location. Before ceremony ends

From same location, full zoom. Almost finished.

Toss those caps in celebration. This is my favorite of the set.

A proud father and new graduate

Good bye high school, hello Penn State!!!

Thanks for looking.

Flat view
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