11 Unaltered Full Size SD850IS Images

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11 Unaltered Full Size SD850IS Images

I just received my new SD850IS camera yesterday and today I took a few test shots to check it out. So far, I'm pretty impressed with this little camera. I'll hold off giving any in-depth reviews until I've had more time to use it, but the initial impressions I have are positive. I'll link some photo's here and then have a link to the original photo that is just the way it came out of the camera, no alerations at all. Not really good shooting material, but I know there are quite a few that are interested in this camera but haven't seen any full size photos in everyday use so I thought I'd take a few and put them up for them to see and evaluate.

( Note: To see full EXIF info, you can right click on the original image link and save to your computer and view file info or you can go to http://ragtop.smugmug.com/gallery/3002322 and view the exif info there.)

First, some macros:

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162870768-O.jpg

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162870949-O.jpg

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162871120-O.jpg

Brick Wall:

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162871591-O.jpg

Misc. Photos:

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162871918-O.jpg

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162872200-O.jpg

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162870122-O-1.jpg

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162870552-O-1.jpg

ISO Test: (I didn't do an ISO 200, 100, or 80 on this test, they are all pretty noise free in my opinion)

ISO 1600

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162869318-O.jpg

ISO 800

Original Image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162869565-O-1.jpg

ISO 400

Original image http://ragtop.smugmug.com/photos/162869800-O.jpg

I hope these photos will help those of you that are considering this camera.

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