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Re: Can't Cut Corners

Reading posts here, Renderosity and Flickr seems to indicate people
have purchased these hardware calibration devices to find out they
still have issues with their monitors. Others have posted success

Depends on the monitor you start off with. The two expensive monitors I use calibrate well and give excellent performance afterwards (up from good). The el cheapo monitor I have is pretty bad out of the box and calibration only brings it up to fine for viewing without cognitive dissonance:-). Calibration can only work with whatever you've got.

The low-end calibrators do get a few mixed reports. The adage, "you get what you pay for", applies here I guess.

I contacted a local camera store to get their opinion. This camera
store is highly regarded. They advised against spending a few
hundred on a device that may or may not work.

I would take the advice not of a camera store but of a graphics production house or a commercial photographer, people to whom accurate colours are their livelihood rather than people who sell cameras who may not necessarily have a very good grasp of colour management themselves.

The cheapest hardware calibrator I can think of (which may or may not work) is the Pantone Huey USD65 or so according to Froogle.

I was also told only LCD monitors connected via DVI can be properly
calibrated and those connected via VGA are harder to calibrate. At
present on monitor is in fact connected DVI, the other VGA...

Rant Mode On: I find it ridiculous to connect an LCD monitor with an analogue cable. It's two extra conversions, D to A on the graphics card, and then A to D in the monitor instead of the digital signal straight from card to monitor. It also strikes me as silly to have only analogue inputs on the cheapest LCDs since it actually requires more circuitry to implement than a purely digital input, a case where market differentiation rather than actual manufacturing costs have driven pricing. Rant Mode: Off.

Anyway, you probably could get some degree of calibration even through the VGA connection though you really should think about getting a graphics card with two DVI outputs (such cards are very cheap these days) if your second monitor has a DVI input.

I can not imagine I'm the only person to have this problem....

Find people locally who have the same problem and split the cost. Local photography club? Shooting buddy?

Alternatively, give up on the idea of matching two completely different models of monitors simply by eye and just adjust them to look best by themselves using all the online techniques such as

http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/viewing.html http://www.normankoren.com/makingfineprints1A.html
You won't get them to match exactly but you should produce better prints.


Cheap Calibration:

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