Poll - AF configuration in firmware?

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Poll - AF configuration in firmware?

Do you want to have lens AF adjustment for several lenses included in the K10D firmware?

Please note, I suspect that this will only work with Pentax AF lenses that report their lens type in the maker notes. Non Pentax lenses may not be able to be covered as several different lenses often use the same code, it may be okay if you have only one that does this, but be aware.

This is similar in concept to the adjustments provided by Canon in the new 1D mkIII. For an explanation read http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/multi_page.asp?cid=7-8738-8908 page down to Autofocus configuration and use

I also don't think this could be done for the K100D, but I will endeavour to find out. I suspect that these details are closely guarded by Pentax, so don't hold your breath!

NOTE! - A simple Y or N plus a number for the number of lenses to be supported in the subject line please.

So if you want AF adjustment and 10 lenses post - Y 10

If not just post - N

You can include details in the body of your post if you so desire.
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