wedding photographer for a friend?

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Re: Weren't pro photographers amateurs at one time?

where do wedding photographers learn their trade???

by being an assistant to a PRO wedding photographer. do it without fee if you have to but get the experience.

i have shot 2 weddings and i made myself a promise that ihave kept: never again. thoug i have been asked. by the way the pics from the 2 weddings came out ok.

go to a wedding web site and simply read what it takes to shoot a wedding.

this takes you a very interesting article. and check the tab above labeled tutorials, the section on weddings.

to me, after reading this on the site it is a wonder why anybody would get into wedding photography. remember this is not just someboby shooting a wedding for a favor or experience or a nominal fee this is a pro making his living in a professional manner doing wedding pictures.

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