Own D40, Sell D50 For Glass?

Started Jun 11, 2007 | Discussions thread
Dan Contributing Member • Posts: 952
Re: I understand

I owned the 180 2.8 prime, a great lens, but horribly slow to focus on my D50 body - i replaced it with the 70-300 VR a few months back - the 70-300 does not have the fast aperture of the 180, but the AF-S is blazing fast. The 180 may still be produced by Nikon, but this does not make it a 'new' lens, far from it as it has not changed much it 20 some odd years.

Look, honestly I could care less whether Nikon keeps an internal focusing motor or not in their cams. If I had an investment in glass from older cams I might be a little mad, but to be honest I would rather purchase the newer glass anyways - the updated lens coatings and AF-S equates to better pictures - just my opinion though....

There are still people out there who think a record sounds better than a CD, maybe we should bring records back.................

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