Own D40, Sell D50 For Glass?

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Re: Size, Although...

I've been running the D50 and the D40 against each other for a couple of months now and I can see no practical difference in high ISO performance ( I shoot RAW and use NX).

The D40 is going due to the smaller size which is not comfortable for me over several hours of use.

Really, outside of the in-camera motor issue, there just isn't enough of a performance difference between the two bodies to get excited about.

Anyone that thinks they're saving themselves from a cumbersome DSLR by buying the D40 over the D50 is mistaken. If one is disinclined to carry a D50 out will not find the D40 any easier to pack about. The size difference is more relative to hand/finger size than anything. One body may well be more comfortable and ergonomically efficient than the other for various hand sizes/shapes.

Both the D40 and D50 blow my mind at high ISO as long as the photog is doing his/her job behind the viewfinder in terms of exposure.

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