Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X

Started May 31, 2007 | Discussions thread
dmfrank Regular Member • Posts: 107
Re: RRS Wedding Pro flash bracket hands-on evaluation

The FA-29 adapter for the SC-29 cord. If you have an SC-28, you don't need an adapter, as far as I know.

Should work fine on any Arca Swiss-style L-bracket.

By the way, I just used the Wedding Pro for the first time at an event last week, and it was terrific.

Christophe Heyman wrote:
Which adapter (product#) are you talking about?

Also, I have the Kirk L bracket - I guess that should work equally


dutchtrumpet wrote:

I just got my RRS stuff wedding pro bracket as well. The sc-29
will mount without an adapter. It is secure and won't swivel
however it looks a little clumsy compared to how perfect the
bracket is. I have ordered the adapter.

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