Own D40, Sell D50 For Glass?

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Own D40, Sell D50 For Glass?

I've owned the D50 since Sept 2005 and loved it. That said, I often-times left it home and missed shots, so I decided to sell my two point & shoots and other odds-ends to finance the purchase of a D40 kit to use for "portability purposes."

Now, as some have said I'd be want to do, I'm considering selling the D50. I really have enjoyed the D40. (That said, today is only day 3 of owning the D40, so maybe I need more time to let the "newness wear off" as it were.)

I initially was going to keep the D50 alongside the D40, since I've loved it and do prefer its hard buttons and its ability to autofocus with lenses that aren't AF-S. In fact, I was going to still consider the D50 my "primary d-SLR" and my D40 more my "everyday d-SLR" (sort of how Ken Rockwell uses his D40 for "everyday" and his D200 for "serious.") But I've been thinking that a better choice would be to keep the D40 and selling the D50 and purchasing some glass with it.

The lens I've had in mind: the highly-coveted 18-200 VR.

No, I cannot afford to buy the 18-200VR outright, only by selling the D50 kit and getting a decent amount for it ($450, let's say) would I possibly be able to afford it.

As for selling the D40 back, using those funds to buy the 18-200VR and keeping the D50, well a few things:

(1) Love that large 2½" LCD. The D50-s 2" is hardly puny, but love that large 2½ of the D40

(2) The portable size has, at least so far the 1st 2 days anyway, let to me taking it (the D40) more places with me. (Then again, that could be "new toy fever.")

(3) Issues with owning the D40 have been addressed, or not as serious as once thought:

{a} Hard buttons--I totally prefer hard buttons, but the i-Button setup has not been as bad as I thought. I've found that ISO is what I most want instant access to, and the Func key provides it. (I've found that, lately, I don't change from RAW+JPEG to Fine-Large shot-to-shot, whatever I choose when I start I tend to stick with. WB--for better or for worse, I tend to leave it on AUTO. Drive-mode--again, I start it that way initially and leave it there for the duration of shoot. With all, I do the "green button reset" at the end.)

(b) RAW software--liked using Nikon View 6.2.5, and the D40 wasn't compatible with it nor with the Raw Shooter Essentials 2006 I also used. But the "D40 hack" (which changes the model number info in the NEF files to read D70 instead) makes the files work 100% fine with Nikon View/Editor (although not with RSE, haven't tried the Photoshop 7 plug-in yet).

(c) AF-S issue--the only lens I own now that this would be an issue with is the 50mm f/1.8 AF-D, and it's the lens I use the least despite how much of a gem it is--and in those situations where I do, they are typically "slower-paced situations" where manual-focus works OK (although definitely inferior to AF). Also, I do theorize that Nikon will eventually go all AF-S, and Sigma/Tamron/Tokina will have economical "AF-S" lenses for it, since they have such lenses for Canon EF-mount which, after all, has motors in the lens.

(d) I do think that, upon getting the 18-200VR, I'd use that lens 99½ of the time I wasn't using the 18-55mm II.

Or, maybe a better idea would be to (say) purchase a lens like the 24-120VR lens outright and continue to keep the D50 and have two d-SLR bodies.


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