Wedding workflow...

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Wedding workflow...

...made a small change to my workflow for weddings and other critical shoots.

I've tried a lot of different flows for transferring the files to the computer and backing up, but I think I've settle on this simple one.

I copy all files from the card to hard drive number one, then move all files from the card to hard drive number two. This way the images stay on the card until they exist on two separate drives.

I immediately burn a DVD of the entire set of images.

I use ACDsee to speed sort the images on drive number one, and delete the ones I'm not going to use (they are backed up on DVD anyway)...then I copy this slimmed down folder to drive number two, and then delete the old bulky folder from drive number two.

I burn a DVD of this slimmed down set (blanks are cheap) and now have two DVDs of the most important files, and one of the DVDs has all the files even the ones I won't use.

I do all my work on hard drive number one, putting edited photos into a folder within the wedding folder called "work" and at the end of an edit session I copy that work folder to drive number two.

When all the work is done, project is complete, I burn a third DVD that has just the products on it. Files sized for 4x6s, files sized for 8x10s, etc....usually a slideshow, sometimes a website. This is the only DVD I will likely ever open again, but I have the files backed up on two others for emergencies.

Now I take my very best shots, maybe 6 or 8, from the event and add them to my own products folder which stays on my computer, and I delete all the wedding files from drive one and two.

The key to my piece of mind, is from the minute I start to transfer, the files exist in at least two places. But in the end I have a clean organized backup and all the bulk is off my machine.


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