A real 30d to D80 comparison?

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A real 30d to D80 comparison?

Has anybody ever done a direct comparison between the D80 and 30D? I think some shots done in real world conditions that would emulate what a normal person would be shooting would be nice. Some comparison shots between the two while shooting the same scene with the same settings(as close as possible of course) and with similar glass. Not shots in studio conditions with perfect lighting. It seems to me this would give us a better test of actual camera and metering performance.

I would like to see out of the camera jpegs as well as few RAW. With no fancy post processing done. It would be nice to see the color saturation and sharpness of each unit with no smoke and mirrors from PP.

I know PP makes shots really come to life, but most average people don't have the skills and time to PP all their photos. I think all this PP gives a somewhat false impression of DSLR capabilities. I know of several who are very disappointed in camera performance, because they see all these PP photos and think they are going to get the same results with no PP. So I say lets do some comparisons with no PP so we can really see what camera is better.

I have seen several D200 vs 30D comparisons, but now that the 30D prices are so low I think a better comparison would be with the D80.

I originally had intentions of purchasing the 30D, but the higher price tag at the time turned me toward the Nikon D80. The 30D was $1349 with a 18-55mm and the D80 was $1199 with 18-135mm. I have spent a lot of time rethinking my D80 purchase over the last few months.

I now have a chance to get a demo 30D for $899 and I would like to see if it is worth the effort to start over again. I like the D80's looks and feel much better than the 30D and plus I have several Nikon VR lenses along with a SB-600 flash unit for the D80. Most say the D80 viewfinder is better and the LCD is brighter and sharper.

But if the 30D really gives out of the camera pictures as good as the 30D owners claim I would change systems in a instant. Even if I will loose some features and money in the process. The 5 FPS would be a plus for race photos.

Can someone point me toward site that would meet the above criteria?

If I was to change how does the 70-300mm Canon IS compare to the 70-300mm Nikon VR?

BTW I'm not knocking either system, both appear to be great.

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