Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Would you mind elaborating? Re: To some extent much to do about nothing

jtsmall wrote:

Bottomline: if you like the D200 and the glass is not an issue,
that is you can buy what you want, then this is your choice.
Otherwise choose Canon. The 30D is more on par with the D200
however so don't let the mpixel count sway you.

OK, in all honesty - I don't normally shoot anything over 400 ISO. I may have gone higher once or twice - - but I don't shoot high ISO so for me it's really not an issue.

However, that written.....

You're pointing out that glass is a large part in this. So I would love to hear/read your take on glass in this. Is it that you mean Nikon/Nikkor Pro glass or ? Is it that you feel certain lenses seem to be better in all of this.

Please elaborate for this still rather new to dlsr's D200 owner.


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