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Re: Linear distotion typically happens in corners

PismoBeach wrote:

So when you crop off about half the image the linear distortion
isn't as pronounced. Put a 16-35 on a 5D and shoo it at 16mm and
look at the corners. Then slap the 16-35 on a 30D and shoot again,
the corners where most distortion happens will be much less.

Shoot the 30D though at the 35mm equiv focal length of the 5D shot, i.e. FL/1.6 focal length, and you will have, a) the same angle of view, and B) the same obloid heads in the edge of the frame.

Linear distortion is not the same phenomenon.

keymee76 wrote:
Is the OP talking about true linear distortion, i.e. barrel, or is
talking about the effect of spherical objects, (e. heads,) looking
like ovals at the edges of the frame?

If the latter, then using Ptlens to actually DIAL IN more linear
distortion dramatically solves the effect.

In other words, lens with a great deal of barrel distortion are
excellent for taking images of people near the edges of the frame.
The "obloid head" thing is much less on a lens with linear

Try it, you'll see.

T3 wrote:
Have you ever used a 10-22mm on a 30D? Using a 16-35mm on a 5D is
equivalent in focal length to using a 10-22mm on a 30D. And the
concave distortions are pretty similar with both. But with the
16-35 on the 5D, at least you can have a max aperture of f/2.8.
And with a 5D, you also have 13mp to work with, at very low noise
levels. 13mp on a 1.6x sensor wouldn't look nearly as good. And
with the 5D, you can also get shallower depth of field and better
background blur. Plus, with the 5D, you can go even to even wider
angles, if you use lenses like the Canon 14/2.8L (wide and fast).
So basically, the 5D allows you to go wide and fast, with high
resolution and low noise. The 30D doesn't allow you to get all
those things. You can go wide, but not very fast. You can have
low noise, but not high resolutions. And if you could get high
resolutions (like 13mp) on a 1.6x sensor, the noise levels wouldn't
be as good.

As for correction distortions, use PTLens, or DXO. I prefer doing
distortion corrections to my RAW files using Silkpix, which has an
excellent correction tool. It's not automated, but it does give
you a lot of manual control (it even allows you to do lens shift).
Sometimes the automated corrections don't look that good.

Patrick H Lockwood wrote:

I shoot weddings with a 30D. I've hired guys who shoot with a 5D
and I've seen their files.

The big issue, for me, is the egregious concave distortion on the
wide end, especially the 16-35. It's so bad I thought the guys
where in a funhouse mirror show at a carnival, or something.

I thought the whole point of full frame was to take advantage of
wide angle lenses, right?

How are the 1D cameras with wide angles?


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