Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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kuma37 wrote:

Here it is.


The engieer says as follows.

Nikon engineer:
The CCD used for D80 and D200 are basically samce.
The color filter and open ratio are same.
Regarding the S/N (noise), the signals comming from
CCD itself is same.

But, how come the noise seems much reduced in D80 compared
to D200?

Nikon engineer:
Well, the color tuning between D80 and D200 is quite different.
That is one reason why the IQ looks different.

You say CCD spec is same and also image engine LSI is same.
Does it mean, D80 is applying massive NR to the image?

Nikon engineer:
No, the NR of D80 and D200 is almost same.
But the path from CCD to the analog front end is different.
It could happen that 4ch CCD picks much noise than 2ch CCD.

Thank you VERY much for the information!

It was EXACTLY this kind of stuff I was speculating about - differences in the pre AD-converter circuits etc.

Really interesting.

An other interesting aspect about this:

First I was bached for saying that D80 is less noisy than D200. Now it seems there's a lot indicating that there is a difference in the jpegs, and even maybe in the raws.

Then I was bashed for guessing that there must be some hardware differences, since if there weren't, Nikon would probably have released a firmware update to "fix" it.
I think this says a lot about this forum.


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