Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

ovrebekk wrote:

I'm going to purchase a new camera and have been looking into D200,
D80 as well as EOS 400D (sadly, there is no 10 mpix successor to
20D/30D yet).

You really need those two megapixels that much? The difference
between 8 and 10 is not very large relatively speaking. If you like
the D30 you shouldnt let that stop you.

I think the D200 is superior to 30D in almost every aspect besides high iso noice. I was more hoping for the successor to 30D to level things out a bit.

When looking more into the 400D I noticed that in raw it was as noisy as D200, D80, D40x. The reviews here at dpreview are very telling. Sadly there are no D200 or D80 pictures from raw, but there are from D40x and there are jpegs with the "no noise reduction" setting from D200 and D80 (even though some noise reduction is done even with this setting I've heard). From the diagrams it seems like the noise levels from 400D is larger than that from D80 and D200 (though the pictures from D80 and D200 are jpegs with the setting "no noise reduction") and when comparing the raws from D40x it seems less noisy that 400D raw.

Even more interesting, from the diagram in the 400D review it seems like canon is doing noise reduction EVEN AT ISO100 in 400D. At least as judged by the differences between jpegs and raws converted with acr and canon digital photo pro. Maybe it is partly due to the raw converters, but it is certainly looking like there is noise reduction even at iso100.


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