D40/x size compared to D200

Started Jun 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
David Chin Forum Pro • Posts: 11,670
Carol, perhaps the D40's My Menu ...

... feature might be of some assistance, providing quick access to frequently-changed settings?

From Ken Rockwell:


"My Menu is where you can deactivate the display of any or almost all of the menu options. Every option you've altered remains in effect, but you won't see it displayed to alter."

and ...

"This My Menu is more powerful than you may realize. I turn off all the junk, and it leaves all the items I set often on one page, making it much faster and clearer to set and unset Auto ISO everytime I go into Manual exposure mode, for instance."

Some have preferred that the D40 does not have dedicated buttons for changing settings, of course this is subjective:

Quote: "I don't miss the hard button until Nikon put them to the place where I can use them by my right hand, especially I always use heavy lens. It is really easy for me to change ISO and WB in D40 by my right hand so it is more convinent (sic) then using the hard button."

I have the D70 myself, and I agree that it's easier to change settings via the menu, provided it has been optimally configured.

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