D40/x size compared to D200

Started Jun 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
carolo Junior Member • Posts: 43
Size of D40/X

Recently I got a D40X. So light! Have been shooting w/ Nikon 8800, and honestly this D40X w/ either 55-200VR or kit lense 18/55 PLUS SB 400 seems just as light (I have not weighed but you could look up) as the 8800. Also nice and small, even w/ SB400, which stays on my camera all the time. I have serious neck injury and thought I'd never use a DSLR much due to weight. Happily surprised. It did seem too heavy (but just for my personal situation) w/ the 18-200VR as a carry around, but that's a nice combo for many others. Have had an opportunity to "play" a bit w/ a couple of friends' D200 w/ various lenses. Can barely pick them up and hold long enough to shoot a few. D200 so large, also. Downside of the D40X is the menu system, which I have not gotten used to yet. Others seem to like it. I prefer more immediate control on body of camera. Bet you would enjoy either D40 or D40/X. (remember you'd have to manually focus some of the lenses you already own if using on D40/X) You'll get GR8 photos out of D40/X, too, esp w/ your background as D200 user.

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