D40/x size compared to D200

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Re: D40/x size compared to D200

Scott Sherman wrote:

I have a D200 and many AFS lenses. I am just a hobby photographer
and like to shoot occassionally when I see it as opposed to going
to a specific location to shoot a specific thing. I have noticed
that of late, I have not been carrying my D200 around as much
because of the size weight, even with the 18-200mm. I have not
been able to get out to look at a D40 since I live on an island. I
have not been able to find a picture of a D40 next to a D200 to
compare the actual size difference.

I am also curious if anyone else has purchased a D40/D40x for the
same reason and if so, do you now carry your camera around where
you were not because of the weight/size of the D200. In other
words... would the outlay of about $600 be worth it, or do you find
that now that you have your D40 it sits at home like the larger
camera did?

thanks for the feedback and if you know of a link or can take a
comaprison shot of the D200 to the D40 from a couple of angles it
would be appreciated.
Scott Sherman

I have a mini set with D40/18-55, 55-200VR/SB400 and a regular set with D200/18-70, 70-200VR, 85 1.8.

I carry the D40 a lot more because of the small size (and it has very good IQ too). Here are some comparision shots:

D200 w 85 1.8 vs D40 w 55-200 VR

The mini set

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