Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Analog circuit

drip01 wrote:

Muntz wrote:

Nikon engineer:
No, the NR of D80 and D200 is almost same.
But the path from CCD to the analog front end is different.
It could happen that 4ch CCD picks much noise than 2ch CCD.

Not that I have anything less than complete faith in the engineer
in question, but how convincing does "IT COULD HAPPEN that ...".

Very typical engineering talk from engineers, not architects. I
woudn't worry about that.

LOL. I suppose "it could happen that a certain support won't hold" would be a little more worrisome

I realize stuff might get lost in translation, but if it IS in fact
the analog circuit that has extra noise, I'd love to hear a figure
like "the D200's analog circuit is 1.3% noisier than the D80's. I
believe Nikon engineers probably would know this (not necessarily
the guy in question, but someone must).

I say that was pure speculation just to get out of the interview.

That would be my guess.

My opionion is that, while I'm sure a 4ch pathway may be noisier
than a 2ch I think the difference would be negligibly minimal.
Whereas I think it's obvious that the answer lies in NR. I've
compared pictures from the two, and while the jpgs are a tad less
noisy in the D80 I fiind the raws pretty identical. If it were the
channel it would affect raws as well.

BUT, I could be wrong.

I think you're probably right. The NR on D80's JPEG (even when it
claims NR is turned off) is apparent.
NR is like faked boobs. If done well, they are easy to fool horny
people (those obessed with noise) ... 8-)

You kill me

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