Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Sample variation

Muntz wrote:

Not that I have anything less than complete faith in the engineer
in question, but how convincing does "IT COULD HAPPEN that ...".

I realize stuff might get lost in translation, but if it IS in fact
the analog circuit that has extra noise, I'd love to hear a figure
like "the D200's analog circuit is 1.3% noisier than the D80's. I
believe Nikon engineers probably would know this (not necessarily
the guy in question, but someone must).

There were reports of a banding problem with some early D200s. This could be put down to a mismatch between channels. (which were apparently interlaced) That this didn't happen for D80s probably means that there's a greater quality variation among sensors for the D200s. AndreasE claims to see a difference even in RAW, and you don't. You probably have a better D200 or worse D80 than he does.

Then too, RAW is not RAW--whatever converter you're using, it has probably done calculations to level out differences between the readout channels, otherwise I'd think you'd be practically certain to see banding in the RAW files.

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