Ritz/Wolf Camera experience this afternoon.

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Re: It's all relative.....

Absolutely right.

In fact, when I use Live Mode A on my 330 it speeds things up because I can get a much better perspective when shooting high or low than trying to mess around with my 'traditional' 300. And, if I am using Live Mode B with a manual lens the capability to get a precise focus speeds things up there, too.

The fact is, that it all depends on the kind of photography you are doing. In theory live view slows things down, in many kinds of practice it may do just the opposite. An experienced sales person would know that. Incidentally, I found that my local Ritz Camera people were poorly trained and depended very much on what they could learn from customers who would take the time to talk to them. When they knew they were going to be selling Oly I was invited to bring my camera in for a discussion. I did and we had a good time of it.

Sadly, Ritz closed the store shortly thereafter....Guess their training costs too high...I never bought anything but the occasional filter or lens hood.

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