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I sure wish someone would setup a good CIS review site! One problem though is how to direct those who are inquiring to the site ... It seems that many inquires come to this forum, and a new round starts every month ... somewhat frustrating to those of us who try to give information.

I have experience only with InkJetFly CIS .. stated that several times, but it seems to get lost. I do not knock anyone else, but do advocate the IJF just because it has been so totally dependable and troublefree.

I am happy with the IJF inks (BOTH pigment and dye - i did test Leo's IJF new dye CIS for the canon i9900 which will be available in about a month i think, and did recieve that CIS at no charge - as i stated previously), but that is largely because i do my own profiles perhaps! Totally agree with Drayken that custom profiles are essential if you are going into alternate inks! ... either that or an awful lot of trial and error adjustments.

It appears to me from following all CIS posts wherever i can find them, that both the efilink and IJF systems work for most users ... zone8 is very happy with the Kryson and many like the InkRepublic. It is very difficult to come to conclusions about others since often only dissatisfied users post over time.. but there are a couple systems which draw several negative posts.

If you read the whole history of CIS here and elsewhere a few things come through:

1) freedom from changing cartridges, or even worrying about ink at all for long periods of production time is HEAVENLY.

2) with proper attention to installation, the good systems go smooth and fast ... with on the fly installation and lack of attention to instructions, problems await you.

3) several excellent inks are available, all at tremendous savings compared to OEM inks.

4) you NEED to learn a bit about color management before jumping into a CIS (i stronly recommend Digital Dog's articles and Mike Chaney's Tech Corner on Steve's Digicams as great starting points).

5) you will ALWAYS find a few negative posters regarding CIS in general - a few because they screwed up, a few i suspect are OEM lurkers.

I print in volume, prints letter size to 13x19, which I double mat and send on to oil painters for them to sell. They are an extremely fussy group, so I am certain the product quality if top grade. I produce somewhere around 50 prints a month (final output, which means that i print somewhere around 400 prints a month as the product MUST be perfect as possible in matching fine detail of an oil painting - no easy task).

SO, if you want, i will contribute, email me if you want.

do good, billb

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