Canon Pro9500 bad and good...

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Canon Pro9500 bad and good...

Finally a little time to write about my experience with my new printer. It has been a difficult learning curve.

I am very happy with results using glossy and pearl finish paper, but very unhappy with results using matt surface paper. Canon USA was little to no help, as they insist the problem is likely that I am not using THEIR brand of paper. I went round and round with one idiot in their tech support service department about this, and basically they wanted me to waste all my ink running prints using their Easy Photo Print (EPP) software. He tried to claim it was better than using CS3 to get a good print. I humored him with one attempt which was worse than what I had already run. EPP has several limitations and is really designed for prints done to standard sizes and those sizes need to match Canon paper product dimensions. (Try printing on 11x17 with EPP!) In any event, I had an Art Fair over the weekend, and ended up having to print all glossy or pearl because the matt was so bad. I also wasted half of my first ink set attempting to figure out why it fails with matt. There is nothing even close to a solid black on matt paper.

The really obvious issue is that none of the people I spoke with (three different techs) know much at all about the 9500. Things got worse when the printer completely quit working (with my back up against a deadline!). It would feed the paper into the machine, and then do nothing. Rebooting and unplugging for ten minutes as suggested did nothing to help it, as did uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. At one point I turned the printer and compter off for two hours while I went to dinner, and when I returned was able to output two more prints before the machine froze agaqin. It turns out the auto loader could not handle the weight of the paper. After another call to tech support, they did get me on the right path by having me use the front load method. I had no more freezeups, but I really am not comfortable with frontload, as it is difficult to be certain the image will be centered on the paper as I might wish occasionally. With printer working using front load, I pulled an all-nighter, and just barely was set up at the fair as it started.

Another thing that is interesting is which inks appear to be used most. the grey ink seems to drain the fastest, and yellow next. For those with i9900 experience, I was surprised that the photo cyan and photo magenta ink did not drain as quickly. I had called Canon when I received the printer to ask about ink usage (which of course they had no good answer for), and they said it should be similar to the i9900 most likely. That is really way off, as red and green appear to be used almost as much as the magenta and cyan and blacks, which is a very different to the red/green miserly i9900. One would think with all the delays and generous leaqd time Canon has had getting this printer available, they would have had better info to give from tech support about ink and getting a black with matt paper. I am very disappointed with their attempts to cram EPP and Canon paper products down my throat too. If this is to be a professional printer, then it had better work with Photoshop, or it won't be accepted by many pros. It is a huge turn-off to hear them claim EPP is better than Photoshop for output.

All of that said, the printer really does well with glossy and pearl. I will work to figure out if there is a magic bullet to solve the matt problem with black, and will keep the printer. I gave all of the reps an earful about my disappointment, and hope any other uswers who have a similar experience will give them and earful too. Maybe a driver update or better profile can help to solve the problem. If they do fix this, then I think this can be a winning printer.

All for now, as I have work to do!

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