DP1 at ISO 1600 vs. GX100. My bet is on the Ricoh.

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Re: DP1 at ISO 1600 vs. GX100. My bet is on the Ricoh.

Prognathous wrote:

There's no way around it. For anyone who shoots JPEGs, the GX100 +
IS + f/2.5 lens + filmlike grain is way better for low light
photography than a DP1 + f/4.0 + splotchy noise will ever be. In
RAW it will likely be a closer match, but I don't hold my hopes too
high for the DP1. This is a camera built for landscape photography,
not street shooting, and definitely not street-shooting in dim

If you shoot a lot of photos in good light (like the majority?), then the DP1 will probably have superior image quality. But, like you point out, when light levels drop, the GX100's f2.5 lens and image stabilisation will do a lot to compensate for the DP1's large sensor. Where talking about more than a three stop advantage for the GX100.

I think Sigma should limit their cameras to ISO 400 (like most
medium format film backs) and should forget about JPEG until they
develop better in-camera processing. The Foveon sensor has fabulous
low-ISO quality, and this should be their main selling point.
There's no point in ruining their reputation with sub-par high-ISO

Although I think I will choose the GX100 over the DP1 due to its versatility, Sigma is also innovating and going down a unique path. As far as I understand it, the DP1 will not use the same processor as the SD14. Rather, it will use a new "TRUE" processor developed by Fujitsu. We will have to wait and see what its image quality will be like.


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