Ritz/Wolf Camera experience this afternoon.

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Ritz/Wolf Camera experience this afternoon.

Earlier this afternoon I made a very, very rare trip to "the mall." (I hate those places.)

I stopped in at the Wolf Camera (Ritz) store and was impressed that the E-500, no E-510 yet, and the E-410 were prominantly displayed. After browsing a bit, I asked if I could look at the E-410 and indicated that I had no intention of buying it but, as an Olympus user, was very interested as to the feel and size so that I might be able to recommend the camera to potential purchasers. The sales clerk was friendly and helpful and immediately took the camera, with the 14-42 attached, and handed it to me.

The size is very impressive. It, with the 14-42, is very small and easy to hold in my handicapped left hand cradling the lens. Based on the images I've seen posted here and elsewhere, this camera is a winner in all respects.

All that being said, the very friendly and helpful sales clerk then said to me, "Live View really slows this camera down." I read that as a negative and responded, "Compared to what?"
At that point she obviously became flummoxed and couldn't respond.

I asked if she could show me another DSLR with Live View in order to make a comparison and while there's a plethora of Nikon and Canon entry level DSLRs in their display, none could be produced.

I had mentioned that I was an Olympus user and then asked if she could show me a camera that had an effective dust removal system that actually worked and asked that she not show me the XTi. At that point she handed me the E-500.

While I'm pleased that Ritz/Wolf is carrying the Olympus line it might be nice if they gave a bit of education to the sales associates.

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