Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Well written yet again....... Re: Here we go again.

You know something, (this came to me this morning I think even if it were possible AND simple (to port new algorithms into the new hardware) I think companies wouldn't do it because it would be tantamount to a product recall. Basically anyone with a D200 (especially one on warranty) would go back to where they bought it (or straight to Nikon) and say "Hey, I got a defective model with old algorithms). I really think that's the main reason a model is never upgraded without at least a small change in name (usually the extra "s" ;).

I agree, I thought the same thing when I had the D70, and the cheaper D50 came out with "apparently" better IQ.

egrc wrote:

Muntz wrote:
Ooooh, I doubt noise reduction algorithms could be updated in
firmware. Maybe in the soon to be released 10/22Mp D3 with modular

Ok, if you're correct you have answered my question why Nikon
doesn't port the presumed better D80 jpeg engine to D200, at least
as a firmware update. It could be that it is not possible. And, as
you said before, they don't want a different D200, so they don't
fix it in hardware. Which maybe isn't possible either whithout
larger modifications.


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