Now that we all know the H9 sucks....

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You misunderstood what was said..

djotai wrote:

Olga and Simon - Are you seriously advocating that each of us go
buy 3-5 cameras in the name of "specialization" - just because due
to "necessary compromizes" there no camera that takes decent all
around photographs?
I dare classify both of you as proffessional photographers - such
an approach might be the wise course for you to follow.
However for us, myriads of amateurs, this means that we'll have to
either invest some $4000 in equipment - or be content with our
flawed photographs...

Please read the message again.

Neither Simon nor I advocated what you concluded. (And I am not a professional photographer; I'm just a grandmother who likes to take pictures.)

When one says there is no one perfect camera, it does not mean that there is no camera that takes decent all around photographs.

What I said was that there are indeed choices out there and we make them based on our individual needs and wants and what is important to us. The last paragraph of my message was the conclusion that I came to with my experience with the camera.

I suspect that perhaps English is not your first language?? I don't mean that negatively. It isn't mine either but I've had a lot of practice.


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