Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: If noise bothers you, wear earplugs

egrc wrote:

sfisher wrote:

egrc wrote:

If the picture is intended for the screen, the screen is the place
to judge the picture. If it is intended to be printed, the print is
where to judge it.
I see no reason to be biased towards one or the other.

OK lets say it is destined for the screen like you say, at what
point are you going to posting a 100% full size image on the screen
or anywhere near it?
My D2X's image when viewed at 100% on most monitor's today (100
dpi) is just shy of 43x29 inches. The 10 MP cameras would be a
little smaller but not by all that much.

To fit all but the most severely cropped photo's from a 10 MPX
image on screen drives the noise darn near invisible. Except for
the most poorly taken, badly post processed photos. Any small
differences there might possibly be in noise between the D200 and
the D80 would never be seen.

Quite frankly on screen 100% crops are for reviews that need to
find something to quantify, and nuts that have little connection
with reality.

The image is much more important than the noise.

I agree mostly. However certain post processing really makes the
noise visible even in not extreamly cropped pictures.

And that is true for every digital camera there is.

You can for
example see noise in some of the sample picture from D200 here at
dpreview, without enlarging the pictures.

Also true for for every other camera. What post processing was done an by whom? Under what conditions was the photo taken? And how much were they cropped? If it wasn't cropped how was it reduced in size? The manner used by different hosting sites to reduce images to fit their display size can be brutal for instance. Also programs like Digimarc introduce noise into images.

There are so many questions to your generalization. Not the least of, is if all else is exactly the same do you really think you could tell if it was shot by a D200 or D80 on uncropped image reduced to the size to fit on the web?

Toss in some image
post processing and cropping and it will be more prominent.

Done badly yes. And again true for every camera in existence today.

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