Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Here we go again.

Muntz wrote:

egrc wrote:

Tom Christiansen wrote:

egrc wrote:

But if the sensors doesn't differ, you could get about the same raw
from D80 as from D200.

Again with the false premises, eh?

The D80 has 2-channel read-out; the D200 has 4-channel read-out.

Yes, I know, I have said this in a lot of my other posts.

As far as I know, nobody has ever said that the D200 sensor
produces better raw than the D80 sensor (on the contrary, if
anything the 4 channel readout of D200 produces lower quality raw).
Not even Nikon. Nikon was however fast to tell everyone about the
difference between the D200 sensor and the Sony A100 sensor when
A100 was released, and, as far as I remember, the only thing they
said was just the 4 channel read out.
Which, by the way, is the reason for another advantage of D80 in
image quality - the lack of banding.

Are you of a different opinion?
As far as I know there is now reason to believe the raw, per se,
from D200 to be of better quality than the raw from D80. If
anything they should be of lower quality.

The 4 channels are just for faster burst. I don't think they affect
the quality of the raws. Maybe some amp noise, but nothing you'd
notice unless you're doing astal photography.

I think all evidence points to raws being of equal quality.

Wasn't the banding issue due to the 4 channel readout?
But besides that, I agree, but, if any difference, I is to the advantage of D80?

This was also my first point here - if the jpegs from D80 are better than the jpegs from d200, than, since the raws are mostly similar, the overall picture quality of D80 is better than that of d200.


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