Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Starting off with a false premise leads to anything

Tom Christiansen wrote:

egrc wrote:

If anything it
strengthens the assumption that the jpeg engine in D80 is superior
to the one in D200. The question is WHY, if this is the case, Nikon
doesn't port this to D200? Isn't it possible?

A camara body is not a general-purpose computer, nor is everything
updatable via a mere firmware swap. They don't call it HARDware for
nothing, you know. If you dig up a diagram of a Nikon DSLR's guts,
I believe you'll find that there's a chip dedicated to the creation of
JPEG images, and that this is not the same chip on the D80 as on the
D200. You'd have to gut your D200 to change that.

Well, it could very well be the reason. The question that remains is why they don't do it in hardware. Speculation about this is in other parts of this thread, and I don't want to repeat it.

They have, as I see it,
nothing to loose and only things to win by doing so.

Losing and loosing are different things. They'd also have to loosen
matters, but that's related to having something that's loose, not


I'll be happy to continue the rest of the discussion in swedish. Are you up to it?

Therefore my suggestion is this. Go to a camera store & bring a CF
card. Shoot some shots with both cameras at the ISOs you choose.
Shoot with the SAME camera settings. Either shoot RAW or JPG,
though I would HIGHLY recommend RAW as that's where you'll see the
camera's true colors.

Well, a camera is much more than the quality of raw.
If the quality of raw had been the only important factor, then no
one would use D200 and most people had been using Canons.

I'm sure you have some reason for starting with a false premise:

p q p-> q

(since you like what false premises lead the argument into)
or for drawing Canon into your little trollade, but I see no bearing
to what you are picking at. And I don't understand the picking.

If raw quality had been the only factor of importance when choosing a camera, then if (raw1 > raw2) choose camera with raw1.

Since a lot of other cameras have better raw than D200, I guess this is indisputable, and yet D200 is choosen, the premise is wrong.

It is called modus tollens and its very purpose is to prove a premise to be wrong.
a --> b
Fact c
c --> !b
Thus !a

The poster that I answered indicated that the quality if raw should be the disciminating factor (at least when choosing between D80 and D200).


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