Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Great First post ...

egrc wrote:

I'm just interested in why Nikon isn't porting the presumed (but
in no way proven) better jpeg engine of D80 to D200.
If the difference is just in software it should be possible and I
guess not to hard.

An educated guess: because the jpg conversion engine is a dedicated circuit, not an upgradeable firmware. Otherwise, it'll be too slow or you need 3 fans and a heatsink inside the camera to cool a 3GHz quad-core processor.

Another strong reason not to buy Canon is that I already have some
Nikon lenses, but, as I said, I hate noise.

There is no dispute Canon is superior to Nikon in terms of shadow noise at iso from 800 onwards, particularly on their FF bodies. If the types of you photos call for good shadow details at high iso and this is the primary criterion of your gear selection, you should seriously consider switching to Canon and don't look back. It's painfully. You have to give up your existing lenses and give up Nikon's ergonomics. But it's good investment in long term. Canon's lens lineup is as good as, if not better than, Nikon's. And you'll get use to Canon's ergonomics eventually.

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