Wow, how this forum sure changed tune on the H9

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Re: I'll point to this forum post I did the other day. . .

Not really a lot of emotion here. I was pointing out something I observed is all.

My take on Sony is always from the perspective that I want them to continue to succeed at obtaining thier goals. When im not shooting (and I do shoot a lot) I do like to sometimes delve into the technical aspects of photography. That includes keeping up to date with the brand I use. Also I, like many here, want to see the brand they entrust in do well. We voice our opinions with the hope they will be heard. And if we are completely off our rockers, other forum members can let us know. While im not a techocrat, I do have some idea of what makes a good camera, and what my needs are in a camera. I also like to learn more technically, so that if the need arises I can apply the technical knowledge to my workflow. I think talking about those ideas on forums kinda helps you learn a thing or two. Otherwise, it would just be a complete waste of time.

Equipment serves one purpose for me, and that is to best help me express my vision of photography. The photography comes first though. I will make due with my equipment, and make the most of it. I am about adapting so that I can get the most of my equipment. There are always going to be shortcomings in any equipment. Those shortcomings are sorted out with each new product release, or so the hope goes. When I think a company has erred, I like to voice my opinon is all. Im sure im not the only one.

Not everyone has to agree with that, and I understand if they don't.

In the end, I love photography, and there's nothing equipment can do about that. Ill use a cheap throwaway if I have too. But it would be nice, if companies continue to listen to photographers, instead of marketing exec's. KM was pretty darn good about that. I hope Sony continues the same.


'Photography can tell a story, instill emotion, and educate us. Its simplicity is its greatest challenge, and, its greatest triumph.'

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