Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Well written yet again....... Re: Here we go again.

Ooooh, I doubt noise reduction algorithms could be updated in firmware. Maybe in the soon to be released 10/22Mp D3 with modular sensor

This is exactly my point. If the jpegs in D80 is better and it is
due to software why isn't Nikon just porting it to D200 in a
firmware update? Could there be some other difference that makes
this impossible, such as pre AD signal processing, the sensors, the
higher speed of D200 in continous mode etc.

Seriously that is very possible. I liked my D200 better so that may have colored MY impression in favor of it. But I do know that I took some shots at ISO 1600 with the D80 and I wasn't blown away at the quality. I really saw no difference with the D200. Now the D2Hs I find amazingly clean AND detailed at 1600.

On the other hand I may be biased, I've read in other forums that
D80 has better jpeg quality than d200 and maybe it biased my eyes
as well.

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