Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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A few final words.......Re: Some more thoughts.

egrc wrote:

LilKnytt wrote:

How logical of you.

Well, it was to prove that your logic was falty

First up, I knew I should have made it more clear - I was being sarcastic.

And, thus, they have impared the jpeg engine to make it harder to
shoot jpegs?

Whatever, if that's what you think Nikon's done - - by all means. Think so.

I think you have a few options Erik.

1. Get a job which allows you to get the money for a D5. I've played with it & you couldn't give me one for free...... Well, maybe for free to sell off on eBay.

2. Buy the D80 & join their forum. I know many people who love the D80 so I'm sure you'll either be happy or hate the fact that you spent the money on a camera you're not happy with because you wanted a D5.

3. I do believe it's Fuji who make a P&S with a superb ISO of 3200. That would really save you some money.

4. Wait for the potential upgrade to the D200 which may have an even superior sensor to that of the D5. Boy would that tick you off....

I have a life & have no more time for this Troll.

Med vänliga hälsningar

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