Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Here we go again.

Bill Karadimos wrote:

I have never had a prob with noise in my D200, I am sure it is
there like all digital camera's, To be honest I have never had to
shoot over 800 ISO I will use a tripod if needed. I have tried 1600
and then again it was fine to me. As members have already told you
the D80 is aimed at someone that wants to shoot jpg with great
results, And the D200 is more aimed for the person that wants
better results than a JPG, Thats why one shoots in raw and does
some PP. You can get a lot better results shooting in raw with the
D200 than the D80 jpg.

But if the sensors doesn't differ, you could get about the same raw from D80 as from D200. (The metering is maybe somewhat less good in the D80 but I don't know by how much.)

The difference is mostly, as far as I have seen from the specs, in handling, compatibility with older lenses, build quality, high speed continous shooting, better metering CCD, and certin other features etc.

Thus, when it comes to image quality, the D80 is superior if it has a better jpeg engine. The jpegs are better and the raws are the same.


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