Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Well written yet again....... Re: Here we go again.

Guys and gals,

I think we're being a tad sensitive about our D200's and a little harsh on Erik. I've had a D200 and a D80 and I think his question is perfectly valid, and I've often wondered the same thing: IF the D80 has better jpeg algorithms why not just port them to new D200's?

Unfortunately, I gotta say, I didn't find much difference between the D200 and D80 jpgs. I MAYBE found the D80 to have a touch less noise, but I found the D200 to have MORE detail not less.

And as to why they wouldn't improve the D200's algorithms and make it a more "friendly" get "point 'n shoot" type photos straight from the camera kind of machine is mainly because it's company policy (not just Nikon's) to not alter a product once it's launched (unless it can be done thru firmware). This makes sense because you just can't have same products with different specs floating around (imagine trying to sell a used one and tying to convince someone that it's the GOOD and updated D200). That's why they usually drop in the "s" after a year or so

In fact, in the case of the D2Hs, one of the big improvements has been exactly the jpg algorithm.

Welcome to DP Erik.

Again Bill, excellent words. Erik's starting to seem like a Troll
to me.


I believe he just signed up today...lol. Could be.

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