Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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I'm going to purchase a new camera and have been looking into D200,
D80 as well as EOS 400D (sadly, there is no 10 mpix successor to
20D/30D yet).

When looking at noise levels in pictures from the cameras, the
difference between 400D and D200 was really large at ISO1600. D200
exhibits much more noise. D80 is, however, not that much noisier
than 400D. The level of detail doesn't differ much between d80 and
400d either. On the other hand, detailt seems to be lost on D200 at
iso1600 compared to 400D.
The strange thing is that D200 and D80 have nearly the same sensor,
yet the noise levels differ substantially.
If it is because of different noise reduction algortithms in D200
and D80 I just don't understand why the much more expensive and in
all pretty much all aspects better D200 have a noise reduction
algoritm that is much worse? Why doesn't Nikon upgrade the noise
reduction algoritm in D200 to the better D80 variant?
As this is strange, I'm beginning to wonder if it is something else
that makes it impossible for Nikon to reach the same low noise
levels in D200 as in D80. Maybe the sensors differ more than just
the number of read out lines? Maybe there is some sort of noise
reduction signal processing in D80 before the AD-converter?


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