Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

GaryDeM wrote:


you should also note that the shots are both in dpreview's reviews
of the 2 cameras. all cameras that are reviewed anywhere have the
same problem. they are tested as they come from the box. there is
no attempt to optimize the settings of each camera to give max
image quality.

either camera might be able to wipeout the other in terrms of IQ.
just test one as it comes from the box and the other after it is
properly setup and adjusted. therefore, what is unknown is how much
more potential image quality is available in the 2 cameras if both
are setup to the max. if the d80 is performing at say the 75% level
as it comes from the box while the d200 is setup from the factory
so that it is at the 40% point. it is hardly a fair test when both
are later in the hands of their owner's. because then you would
have a situation in which the camera that was at 40% will blow away
the other; or viseversa if the percentages were reversed.

it has long been my view that the testers in magazines and websites
presetup all cameras to be tested so that they are performing as
well as they can get them, THEN TEST. in this way the consumers
could see what the true IQ would be after owning them for a while.
the way that is currently done is to test from the box; so the
results of the test is really at the whim of the factory engineer
who put it together, and we do not know what his image quality
tastes are.

I agree in every detail. I think they should compare the best possible result when optimizing the camera and raw as well. Then one could see how well the sensor and pre A/D signal processing work as well as the cameras potential for post processing.

For example EOS 400D seems to have better in camera noise reduction than D80, but even Phil Askey didn't compare the noise levels in raw (with the same raw converter) between the two, but just commented shortly on the noise levels in the 400D raw.


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