Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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egrc wrote:

If the D200 is noisier than D80,

That'a HUGE IF to me.

Signal processing gets better with time as camera manufacturers are
doing research, and D80 was released almost a year after D200.
Thus, it is in no way impossible that the noise reduction
algorithms differ between the two cameras and maybe is better in
This is ofcourse no proof.

How logical of you.

But ofcourse. But there is some really heavy signal processing
going around in moderna cameras. Even the digitized signal from the
alleged low noise sensor of the canon cmos in 400D is going through
noise reduction.

Again, many have posted this - - the D80 is made more to shoot jpgs while the D200 is aimed for RAW. With RAW there are lots of noise software which can be used.

In what way? No camera is best in all respects. The D200 stands out
as a very good camera in many ways, but noise levels at high iso is
not one of them, as for example the review here at dpreview says.
At the Canon side, both 5D and 30D are less noisy and 400D seems
to be less noisy as well. 5D is nearly twice as expensive and 30D
as well as 400D are inferior in almost all aspects but high iso
To me D80 seems a little better than D200 when it comes to noise
levels at the same level of detail.

That's your opinion & you're entitled to it. It is however based upon a faulty premise. The faulty premise is that the D80 is made more for the jpg shooter & therefore out of the camera produces probably better jpgs. The D200 is made more for RAW & that requires PP. Something we can't be sure even the DPR tester did in the test. Therefore your logic is mute.

Therefore my suggestion is this. Go to a camera store & bring a CF card. Shoot some shots with both cameras at the ISOs you choose. Shoot with the SAME camera settings. Either shoot RAW or JPG, though I would HIGHLY recommend RAW as that's where you'll see the camera's true colors.

Go home, check the shots on your computer - then decide.

But non the less, to me it seems like D80 retains more detail at
the same levels of noise reduction. See also the reviews here at
Look at the queens faces at iso800 and iso1600. To me the D80
picture seems to have a little bit more detail and the noise levels
are about the same.

My eyes are 47 years old & probably need an upgrade & improvement. I see no huge difference.

If you wish for High ISO - go with a Canon since I keep hearing how great they are at high ISO. Personally I rarely shoot higher than ISO 400. I take the easy route, faster lenses 50 f/1.4 or any f/1.4 comes to mind. Or I just use the on board built in flash or just one or both of my SB-800s.

With the light you have available to you right now in Sweden you should not have to shoot at such high ISOs. I live in Los Angeles & I can tell you I KNOW you have MORE LIGHT than I have most of the time this time of the year. This is not mid winter - we're heading for Midsommar.

If you are truly considering a semipro camera, then at least spend the money on fast lenses.

Med vänliga hälsningar

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