Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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Re: If noise bothers you, wear earplugs

Tom Christiansen wrote:

egrc wrote:

That would certainly be good, but in the pictures I've seen it
looks like D200 is noisier than D80. I'm not talking about raw
here, but jpegs.

Then you aren't really talking about what the camera's capturing.
You're talking about what post-processing you apply to the
capture afterwards. And it appears you may now be talking
about whatever Nikon decided the default PP settings were.

The post processing of the captured signal, wether analog or digital, is very much part of what the camera delivers. Pre A/D singal amplification certainly have impact on image quality as well as for example Canons sensor noise reduction, D2x's per channel signal amplification etc. The stuff you see from the AD converter isn't the signal captured by the sensor.
Differences in raw converters impacts image quality, demosaicing differ etc.

The postprocessing is certainly in every possible way pivotal to image quality and whithout post processing you just don't have any picture at all.

Turn off all processing and then compare, if you must. But
don't just let each camera have its way with the shot,
irreproducibly biasing one shot one way and another another,
without you really ever knowning what is what.

At the end of the day it's a tiff, jpeg or whatever you want. If the jpeg is done in the camera or in the computer doesn't really matter as long as it is done well. If the camera can produce good jpegs, let it (take out raws as well). Many of the jpeg engines in modern cameras are very good and it is hard to produce the same level of for example DR, see for example:

I'm afraid I'm a little wary of a 1st posting that threatens to
grab hold of the perennial obsession over noise on the screen.
Print out the picture, and THEN judge what you're looking at.
It is unreasonable to (mis)judge a camera's ability to create good
prints if you do not look at any.

If the picture is intended for the screen, the screen is the place to judge the picture. If it is intended to be printed, the print is where to judge it.
I see no reason to be biased towards one or the other.

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