Why is D200 that much noiser than D80?

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David Grabowski wrote:

egrc wrote:

That would certainly be good, but in the pictures I've seen it
looks like D200 is noisier than D80. I'm not talkning about raw
here, but jpegs.

There is the key to your problem. As I said it's possible the D80
is a better jpeg camera ( at least out of the box) and as others
have said it is more consumer oriented vs pro or semi pro. It still
may very well be cleaner shooting like the D50 is a clean shooter.
A D50 or D80 is still not a D200 though.

Well, I haven't ever said that D80 is better than d200.

I'm just interested in why Nikon isn't porting the presumed (but in no way proven) better jpeg engine of D80 to D200.

If the difference is just in software it should be possible and I guess not to hard. The sensors differ however and maybe some pre AD signal processing as well. I don't know. The only thing I see is maybe somewhat better jpeg quality from D80, and I can't see any good reason why Nikon doesn't fix this if it's only in software. Thus I find it interesting if maybe the reason is some difference hardware.

FWIW, todays cameras are all able to take pisser images, it's a
matter of what preferences you have. If you want out of the box
jpeg performance in a Nikon Mount look at the D80 or D40X. With the
D200 you will have to learn to set it up right away and shooting
RAW is always a plus. If you want really clean ISO 1600 shots out
of the box buy a Canon 5D !!

Well, 5D is to expensive, 30D is not very interesting (because I will get upset when Canon releases the successor possibly already this fall), 400D is just inferior to D80 and D200 in almost every aspect (but noise levels).
D200 seems to be more of the camera I want than D80, but I just hate noise

Another strong reason not to buy Canon is that I already have some Nikon lenses, but, as I said, I hate noise.



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