Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X

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Re: Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X

It's not on the Web site yet, but RRS now has a flip flash bracket for $150. It's called the "Wedding Pro", and it looks pretty good from the pictures in the catalog. Mounts directly to the L-bracket, folds up into a neat little package about six inches long when you're not using it, and has push-button latches on the hinges. I just ordered one, but haven't gotten my hands on it yet.

Two caveats about the $150 price tag:

1. The unit is made to mount on an L-bracket, not a simple base plate, so if you don't have an L-bracket already you'll end up paying for one in order to use the Wedding Pro. I think this may also be a limitation of the more expensive circular bracket system.

2. You may need to pay extra for a flash mount; the basic bracket just has a screw. If you need a cold shoe, you'll have to buy one for it. I use an SC-29 cable, so I had to pay an additional $20 for that adaptor. If it's like their more expensive flash brackets it might mount an SC-28 out of the box, but I'm not sure.

My unit is supposed to come today. If you like I will post some impressions when I have had a chance to use it.



d2x3po wrote:

On occasions I have the need for a flash bracket so I am looking
into buying one. If I used one a lot I would consider the RRS
flipper. But I can’t justify $350+ price tag. At this point I'm
looking at the CB Junior bracket, has anyone used one on a D2x if
so what was your experience or if you can recommend a flip bracket
I would appreciate it also.


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